Holiday Gift Guide: The Luxury Cannabis Splurges

Holiday Gift Guide: The Luxury Cannabis Splurges

Remember when they only cannabis-related paraphernalia existed in university-adjacent head shops? No longer do you have to walk past displays of kratom, Nag Champa, and corduroy bong bags. No longer d…

Not only have the changing times made it more comfortable to be open about a cannabis preference, but more stylish, too.

Remember when they only cannabis-related paraphernalia existed in university-adjacent head shops? No longer do you have to walk past displays of kratom, Nag Champa, and corduroy bong bags. No longer do you have to convert to Rastafarianism to wear a bit of your lifestyle on your sleeve. There are myriad boutiques and online stores vending high-design accessories that make cannabis consumption easy to incorporate into your life with aesthetic pride. These are the gifts for the cannabis enthusiast in your life with a taste for the finer things, the shiny things and accoutrement made with elevated form and function in mind. The things that one wouldn’t ordinarily get for themselves, but save a screenshot on their phone to pine over on a rainy, wistful day.

Alterior Design for Mister Green Ceremony Case

A properly contained smoking kit is essential. Whether you vape, roll joints, or prefer glass, a variety of bits and pieces are required to keep things clean and functioning. Even if you primarily enjoy cannabis at home, a kit will keep every surface in your home from turning into an ashy, messy smoking area. The Ceremony Case by Alterior Design for Mister Green is as useful as it is well-constructed and chic as hell. There’s a slot for a lighter, pre-rolls, standard rolling papers, a buttoned closure and a larger zippered pouch for everything else. The Italian cowhide leather is soft and sturdy enough to protect small glass pieces and delicate components. $239.99.

Hippie Shit

Another cult favorite from Mister Green, this fragrance is an artful tongue-in-cheek made in collaboration with Maak Lab in Portland, OR. Hippie Shit doesn’t smell like weed, doesn’t contain it—its about the evocation of an era gone past. The era of free love, counterculture cannabis habits, i.e. “hippie shit.” Inspired by the purifying scent of burnt Palo Santo (bursera graveolens), the fragrance has notes of soft wood, neroli, musk, smoke, and leather. 100 mL, $129.

Fleur du Mal Botanical Garden Bikini Set

A modern spin of a classic floral-on-white pattern, pair the triangle bikini top ($128) with the grommet side-tie bottoms ($98) to make a confidently cannabis-forward splash. The cups are fully-lined and made out of an Italian stretch fabric. On the bottoms, the ties lace through a metal grommet as a striking detail. On its own, the top makes for a perfectly party-ready summer festival top with jeans.

Melt Cosmetics Smoke Sessions Palette

Finally, a well-made beauty product that celebrates the ritual of smoking cannabis without exploiting marijuana-referential synthetic ingredients (looking at you, untested CBD skincare). The greens, golds, and browns, bringing to mind the various-toned buds tumbling out of friends’ jars, the glowering cherry in the middle of a smoking bowl and the edge of an ashy joint. Both matte and glittery textures, ranging from options for browbone highlighters and illuminating the inner-eye, to shading, contouring and a liner. Smoking Sessions by Melt Cosmetics is sold out for now, but I’d anticipate a pre-Christmas restock. $48.

Barrineau California Clutch

This handmade acrylic clutch is arguably too pretty for a smoking kit, but who am I to say. No matter what goes inside, The toirtoiseshell design goes with jeans in the summer and a full-length gown at any holiday party. Contrasting leafy-colored lining pops when retrieving a lighter or lipstick from within, and the 46-inch detachable crossbody link strap lets you choose how to wear the California Clutch. $248.

GrönCBD Rejuvenating Mask

I know I just slammed CBD skincare, but here’s why GrönCBD is worth it: Grön was initially just a recreationally-licensed cannabis edible company, and the owner tests everything in the CBD line to the same standards. In other words, their products are tested to far, far higher standards than what is legally required for skincare or nutritional supplements. CBD is a mystery still in a lot of ways, but what we do know is it contains comprehensive anti-inflammatory properties, and will reduce irritation from weather, parched skin, or rosacea. Along with CBD sourced from tree lichen, this Rejuvenating Mask formula contains seaweed, cucumber and a hint of ginger. $50.

Vida Kush Ganja Goddess Belt

Although stocking friendly, ‘tis the holiday party season, after all, and the season for self-gifting as well. This retro-inspired chain belt transforms any high-waist pant, skirt or dress into a look that makes a head-turning entrance. When the sun comes back out next year, flaunt the Ganja Goddess Belt as a similarly showstopping belly chain–the emerald-colored gems will pop even more in daylight. $125.

Supreme Gold Trim Ashtray

No matter how many ashtrays you have lying around—the answer is yes, you ought to throw the resin-encrusted ones away and refresh your receptacles. This classic cigarette ashtray shape is almost nostalgic in today’s flurry of high-aesthetic cannabis accessories, the plain white reminiscent of a diner counter amenity prior to indoor smoking laws. And the gold detail on the Supreme Ashtray adds just enough flash because you’re not smoking a cigarette, you’re smoking $12/g legal cannabis, now. $113.


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