• State legislators seek kratom meeting with FDA commissioner

    State legislators seek kratom meeting with FDA commissioner0

    Four lawmakers from Arizona, Georgia, Utah and Nevada who sponsored kratom legislation in their states have requested a meeting with the top official of FDA—an agency that has long raised concerns about the safety of the botanical from Southeast Asia.

    Positions held by FDA related to kratom and another botanical ingredient—CBD—were adopted long before Dr. Stephen Hahn was appointed commissioner, the lawmakers wrote to Hahn in a June 8 letter.

    “The realities of the marketplace where kratom is and will continue to be used by the American public requires us to act reasonably and responsibly,” wrote Arizona Rep. Tony Rivero (R-Peoria), Georgia Rep.… Continue reading.

  • 7 Kratom Extract Tips New Users Should Know in 2020

    7 Kratom Extract Tips New Users Should Know in 20200

    Kratom comes from the same family of plants as coffee. It grows in Southeast Asia, where it has been known for hundreds of years for all its positive effects. In fact, Mitragyna Speciosa has the particularity of producing both energizing and relaxing effects.

    But that’s not all. Truth be told, the list of its beneficial effects is so long that it sounds almost impossible. Today we will tell you what you need to know about it if you are just starting to consume it.

    1. Benefits

    • Improved wakefulness and focus
    • It is used as a pre-workout because it has a positive effect on endurance
    • Helps problems with anxiety and depression
    • Feeling of well-being, joy, optimism – Euphoria
    • Improved quality of sleep – Sedation at high doses
    • Decreased appetite
    • Natural treatment of pain
    • Antidiarrheal
    • Aphrodisiac
    • Helps with problems with premature ejaculation
    • Withdrawal from opiate dependence
    • The decrease in blood pressure
    • Antioxidant – Stimulates the immune system

    In short: a significant improvement in the quality of life.… Continue reading.

  • What Kratom Color is the Strongest – 2020 Guide

    What Kratom Color is the Strongest – 2020 Guide0

    Img source: kratommasters.com

    The products from the South Asian tree are getting more popular by the day. Kratom is said to be really effective when it comes to pain relief and coping with the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Before you decide to purchase and try this plant, you may want to know more about the different types and varieties there are on the market. Kratom comes in different colors, and every one of them has properties that you can benefit from.

    In this article, you will learn more about the benefits of the plant, and how to use it correctly.… Continue reading.

  • A way to cope in stressful times Store owner says he wants people to feel comfortable

    A way to cope in stressful times Store owner says he wants people to feel comfortable0

    When James Morgan decided to open a business in Beckley about a year ago selling cannabidiol products or CBD, one of his first customers was his 78-year-old mother.

    At the time, his mother was dealing with high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, stiff joints and also had trouble sleeping.

    As a user himself of CBD products, Morgan believed that the products could not only help ease some of his mother’s pain but also improve her quality of life in other ways.

    Morgan said it was this desire to help not just his mother but others suffering from physical as well as mental pains that led him to start his own business, Only Organics.… Continue reading.

  • What is Kratom Tea – 2020 Review

    What is Kratom Tea – 2020 Review0

    Img source: republiclab.com

    Originating from Southeast Asia, Kratom tea is becoming a staple beverage of many American and Canadian households. Many users have replaced their morning tea and coffee with kratom tea. Why? We’ll see.

    Kratom tea is packed with invigorating, energizing, and stimulating capabilities. Traditionally the natives would use leaves for brewing the tea. Kratom leaves are rich in alkaloids that offer therapeutic benefits for the mind and the body.

    It’s better to consume tea over raw leaves, powder, or extract because heating the tea helps release the natural compounds much faster, which are then readily available for absorption by the body.… Continue reading.

  • Kratom in Montana

    Kratom in Montana0

    GREAT FALLS — One month ago, we published an article about the Cascade County Substance Abuse Prevention Alliance’s plan to deliver letters to retailers in Great Falls, asking them to reconsider selling Kratom in their stores. A lot of people reached out to us advocating for Kratom and/or voicing their disagreement with some of the information in that story. We heard you.

    There’s a lot that we don’t know about Kratom – possibly even more than we do know.

    We know that Kratom is a plant that’s native to some Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Indonesia. We know that it first made its way into the United States sometime in the 1970s, when American soldiers in the region brought it back home with them following the end of the war.

    Continue reading.