• Kratom debate — herbal cure or public health threat?

    Kratom debate — herbal cure or public health threat?0

    DAVENPORT, Iowa — A growing number of storefronts can be seen around the Quad Cities advertising Kratom, often alongside other herbal products like CBD oil.  Coming to this country in the form of a green powder, Kratom is derived from dried and crushed leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, indigenous to parts of Southeast Asia.

    The people who use it, like AHA Holisticals owner Alisha Wadden, say it’s a mood booster that can relieve pain and even help curb opioid addiction.

    “It gave me my life back,” said Wadden, who said she started using Kratom to help relieve her chronic pain.… Continue reading.

  • Is Kratom Legal in Virginia? Learn the Facts

    Is Kratom Legal in Virginia? Learn the Facts0

    A global search is underway for a safer, less addictive alternative to traditional opioids in the face of the ongoing epidemic. More than 42,000 people died from opioid overdoses in 2016 – a higher death toll than any other year on record. Kratom, an herbal product from a tropical evergreen tree in Southeast Asia, may be a solution. Kratom provides opioid-like pain relief and other benefits at low doses, without the high risk of overdose that can come with typical opioids. It is legal to manufacture, sell, purchase, and possess in most states, including Virginia.

    What Is Kratom?

    Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tropical evergreen tree native to Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

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  • Oxford Considers Ban on Kratom Products

    Oxford Considers Ban on Kratom Products0

    By Alyssa Schnugg
    News Editor

    Red vein Kratom leaves. Oxford leaders are considering a ban of products made from Kratom.
    Wikimedia Commons

    Oxford leaders are considering a proposed ban on products sold containing Kratom, a tree from Southeast Asia, with leaves that contain compounds that can have mind-altering effects.

    Oxford Police Interim Chief Jeff McCutchen presented the proposed ordinance to the Oxford Board of Aldermen Tuesday for a first reading.

    He told the board that there have been at least 11 deaths in North Mississippi where Kratom has been found in postmortem blood tests.

    “Doesn’t mean it was the primary cause (of death) but it was involved,” McCutchen said.… Continue reading.

  • St. Charles County executive wants to ban Kratom

    St. Charles County executive wants to ban Kratom0

    ST. CHARLES CO., Mo. – St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann plans to ask the county council to consider a ban on Kratom and related substances in St. Charles County.

    Advocates of the herb said it offers relief from pain, depression and anxiety. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning to consumers not to use Kratom because of dangerous risks.

    “In St. Charles County, we don’t think a warning is enough,” Ehlmann says. “Dr. Mary Case, St. Charles County’s Chief Medical Examiner, told me Kratom has played a role in at least nine deaths since the end of 2017.… Continue reading.

  • Lee County public hearing on kratom gets date

    Lee County public hearing on kratom gets date0

    TUPELO • Lee County supervisors have scheduled a public hearing on a proposed kratom ban for 9:30 a.m. May 20.

    Sheriff Jim Johnson and the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics have asked Lee County to fall in behind approximately 28 counties and cities in the region and ban an unregulated, herbal product locally sold in gas stations.

    Kratom is produced from the leaves of a tropical tree grown in Southeast Asia. Commonly consumed as a powder, a liquid or in capsule form, kratom is legal in most of the United States.

    With a draft ordinance now under consideration, supervisors will take public comment at their next scheduled meeting on May 20 at 300 W.

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  • Weeding through the hype

    Weeding through the hype0

    The relatively rapid move to legalise medical marijuana in Thailand has struck a high note across the globe, paving a path for profit potential through fully legalised cultivation and export of the much-touted cash crop.

    Cannabis oil for medical treatment is displayed at a herbal fair. PATIPAT JANTHONG

    On Christmas of 2018, the National Legislative Assembly passed a law to approve the production, import, export and possession of cannabis and kratom, as well as regulations.

    Consumers can carry specified amounts necessary for treatment of illnesses if they have prescriptions or certificates from professionals in the fields of medicine, dentistry or indigenous medicine.… Continue reading.