• Best Kratom Vendors Online with Reviews

    Best Kratom Vendors Online with Reviews0

    Many of you may have heard or read about Kratom and its amazing
    qualities. And you may have heard about the downsides of overuse or misuse.
    There is also the concern of fake or even synthetic chemicals entering the
    market and being peddled as “genuine” kratom.

    That is exactly why you, as consumers, need to be extra careful
    while buying kratom or giving it to someone you care about. It is very easy to
    dupe unwary customers who are only expecting to see some green- or red-colored
    powder, thinking it is the magical
    cure for pain, inflammation, sleeplessness, anxiety, or plain exhaustion.

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  • Popular herb supplement may cause severe liver injury

    Popular herb supplement may cause severe liver injury0

    Kratom is a herbal product made from Mitragyna speciosa ─ a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family found in Southeast Asia ─ with several active alkaloids driving its activity.

    The most abundant of the alkaloids, Mitragynine, is thought to act as an opioid agonist.

    Kratom use is on the rise as the U.S. opioid epidemic continues to drive more patients to seek herbal supplements as pain-relieving alternatives.

    However, more than 90 deaths have been attributed to kratom use.

    In a recent study from the U.S. Drug Induced Liver Injury Network (DILIN), researchers found that kratom may cause liver toxicity and severe liver injury.… Continue reading.

  • Top 7 Health Benefits of Kratom Leaves

    Top 7 Health Benefits of Kratom Leaves0

    Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, is a traditional herb that’s native to Southeast Asia. It’s one of the most famous herbs that experts recommend for a variety of ailments, thanks to its immense medicinal properties. 

    Kratom is mostly used to treat pain. It contains numerous compounds, with the two most active ones being mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Mitragynine interacts with your body the same way opioid drugs do, while 7-hydroxymitragynine affects the ability of certain neurons in the body to perceive pain. 

    Besides pain relief, Kratom also comes with some euphoric effects. When you consume the herb, it induces the secretion of feel-good hormones within your body, supplying your muscles with sudden bursts of energy that positively impacts your workouts, while also increasing your sexual vitality.

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