• Tobacco shop sees increase in glass smoking product sales

    Tobacco shop sees increase in glass smoking product sales0

    ROCKFORD(WREX)—Rockford Tobacco Shop Peace Novelty says it has seen an increase of sales for glass products like bongs and pipes since the legalization of recreational marijuana.

    “Since the marijuana legalized, the sales have increased a little bit,” said the owner, Kam Patel.

    Since January 1st, the shop has seen a 10% increase in sales for its glass products and cartridge vaporizer products.

    With more people coming in and buying the products, the store says it has already put in a new order for more vaporizer products.

    But that isn’t the only change the store is seeing; the store says the atmosphere from customers has changed as well.… Continue reading.

  • Why Don’t Kratom Companies Offer Public Stocks?

    Why Don’t Kratom Companies Offer Public Stocks?0

    Kratom is a tropical herb extracted in Southeast Asia. It was discovered in the early 19th century, and it’s currently used by millions of people around the globe. Unlike other herbs, kratom isn’t supported by any medical evidence for suitable drug use. Its legal status is controversial, and the plant is banned in many countries.

    Why is kratom illegal in so many countries?

    Kratom is banned in the UK, Canada, Finland, Poland, Russia, Korea, and more. But people who consume the herb claim it has many health benefits—none of which find support in medical science. Secondly, there are many side effects of consuming kratom, such as:

    • Nausea.
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  • Herbal remedy shop opens on Government Street

    Herbal remedy shop opens on Government Street0

    A new herbal remedy concept has opened its doors on Government Street. 

    Body Botanicals, nestled at 3115 Government Street in the shopping center next to Elsie’s Plate & Pie, aims to be a one-stop herbal remedy shop, says co-owner Chad Carter. The shop carries products like CBD, loose teas and kratom. Kratom is a powdered compound from Indonesia that is used as a stimulant and painkiller, and is illegal in some states. 

    Though CBD and kratom can be found in some gas stations and vape shops, Carter says Body Botanicals is the first boutique shop specializing in herbal remedies in the city. 

    Carter, who also co-founded the Baton Rouge-based CBD company Mountain Pure, opened the new retail shop with Blake McGraw, a childhood friend.Continue reading.