• Over €80,000 worth of cocaine-like Kratom seized at Shannon Airport

    Over €80,000 worth of cocaine-like Kratom seized at Shannon Airport0

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    SIGNIFICANT AMOUNTS OF drugs have been seized by Revenue officers at Shannon and Dublin airports in recent days.

    On Tuesday, as a result of routine operations, Revenue officers at Shannon Airport seized 4kg of Kratom worth almost €81,000.

    The consignment originated from Luxembourg and was destined for an address in Mayo. Investigations are ongoing in this case.

    Kratom comes from the leaves of a tropical tree grown in southeast Asia. At low doses it has cocaine-like stimulant effects but at higher doses it can have sedative effects.

    Chemicals in the leaves bind to the same opiate receptors as heroin and morphine.… Continue reading.

  • Kratom: Is It Safe?

    Kratom: Is It Safe?0

    Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family. It’s native to Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, and other South Asian countries.

    The leaves, or extracts from the leaves, have been used as a stimulant and a sedative. It’s also been reported for treating chronic pain, digestive ailments, and as an aid for withdrawal from opium dependence.

    However, there haven’t been enough clinical trials to help understand the health effects of kratom. It also hasn’t been approved for medical use.

    Read on to learn what is known about kratom.

    Kratom is legal in the United States. However, it’s not legal in Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, and several European Union countries.

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  • Monroe County supervisors rescind ban on kratom

    Monroe County supervisors rescind ban on kratom0

    ABERDEEN – A countywide ban of the herbal product kratom put in place last spring was lifted Monday morning following a 3-2 vote by the Monroe County Board of Supervisors to rescind it.

    A delegation of citizens, business owners and advocates of kratom made impassioned pleas for the supervisors to overturn the countywide ban on the controversial supplement for treating chronic pain.

    Supervisors met for half an hour in executive session before going back into open session to take the vote. Supervisors Joseph Richardson, B.R. Richey and Rubel West voted in favor of rescinding the ban, while Fulton Ware and Hosea Bogan voted to keep it in force.… Continue reading.