• Miracle or menace? Experts and users weigh in on kratom

    Miracle or menace? Experts and users weigh in on kratom0

    Like millions of people nationwide, Nieves says she fell victim to the opioid crisis. She says 8 years ago, she was homeless and using. After a friend died from an overdose, she says she was introduced to kratom as a way to stop abusing opioids. “Not only does it immediately halt the cravings for the opioids themselves, it also immediately halts the withdrawal symptoms,” said Nieves.… Continue reading.

  • Hacker leaks data for U.S. gun exchange site on cybercrime forum

    Hacker leaks data for U.S. gun exchange site on cybercrime forum0

    Hacker keyboard

    A hacker has released the databases of Utah-based gun exchange, hunting, and kratom sites for free on a cybercrime forum.

    On August 10th, a threat actor posted databases that they claim contain 195,000 user records for the utahgunexchange.com, 45,000 records for their video site, 15,000 records from the hunting site muleyfreak.com, and 24,000 user records from the Kratom site deepjunglekratom.com.

    Databases posted to a cybercrime forum
    Databases posted to a cybercrime forum

    All of these sites are based out of Utah, USA and samples of the databases shared by cybersecurity intelligence firm Cyble show that each database was hosted on the same Amazon AWS server 

    The latest date on user records in each database is July 16th, which indicates that is when the data was stolen.… Continue reading.

  • Letter: Kratom distribution poses risks to people who use drugs

    Letter: Kratom distribution poses risks to people who use drugs0

    Western North Carolina has experienced a surge of drug overdose deaths. COVID-19 increases overdose risks for people who use drugs; isolation leads to using alone; pandemics disrupt treatment and support; and PWUD (people who use drugs) suffer determinants of health that compound vulnerabilities. Overdose prevention strategies endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention include naloxone distribution and syringe access programs. Harm reduction goes beyond, encompassing practical ideas to reduce negative consequences of drug use through advocacy, social justice and inclusion of PWUD in decision-making — with respect for the rights of PWUD.

    Serving populations at increased structural risk for overdose without adequate information is dangerous. When entities without a proven history in community-based harm reduction use the language of harm reduction to describe work not guided by its principles, it threatens people they purport to help.

    Continue reading.
  • How gay people are using kratom to improve their lives

    How gay people are using kratom to improve their lives0

    There’s no denying of the fact; kratom is nothing less than a stress buster for many people across the world. Especially when it comes to the gay community, many people have turned towards this herb because they believe it helps in improving the quality of life. Not to forget, gay people are one of the most scrutinized people across the world, which is why they look for different ways to improve their self-esteem.

    Every year, thousands of gay people are fall prey to honor killings, cheating from spouse and imprisonments because of their sexual orientation. Before we dig deep into the crux of this discussion, it is essential to introduce kratom.… Continue reading.

  • How to choose kratom vendors

    How to choose kratom vendors0


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    Which kratom supplier should you trust? With the increasing popularity of kratom users, the supply has doubled in just a few years, and now many shady producers are springing like mushrooms online. In order not to fall for these vendors, you must choose the right kratom supplier.  If you’re looking for the best and highest quality kratoms in the market, you have to do your own research. Here’s a great checklist to help you single out and find the best vendor:

    1. Choose Suppliers with Diverse Strains of Kratom

    How do you know you’re buying from a supplier with good quality kratom products?… Continue reading.

  • What Is Kratom Tea, and Is It Safe – 2020 Guide

    What Is Kratom Tea, and Is It Safe – 2020 Guide0

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    Most beginners associate Kratom with powder or capsules. But you can also try brewing Kratom leaves like regular tea. You can find many varieties and methods of preparing this drink on the Kratomhelper website. Mitragyna Speciosa is the scientific name for the plant. It belongs to the coffee group and has a persistent invigorating property. At the same time, a small amount of dry leaves brewed in the form of tea is enough for you to be cheerful. You can also prepare chilled drinks. The higher the concentration of active substances, the more relaxing the effect you will get.… Continue reading.