• FDA warns consumers, company about Kratom products

    FDA warns consumers, company about Kratom products0

    — The Food and Drug Administration is warning a North Carolina company that sales of its kratom products to treat disorders are illegal, and warning consumers not to use those products.

    News outlets report the FDA warned consumers on June 14 not to use products of Kratom NC in Wilmington because of microbial contamination.

    The FDA also wrote to Kratom NC in May, saying the company is marketing its products as remedies for opiate addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Kratom isn’t FDA-approved for those uses.

    Kratom is derived from the leaves of a tree that grows in southeast Asia and is often marketed as an extract or pill.… Continue reading.

  • Local doctor, CDC warn of potential dangers of kratom

    Local doctor, CDC warn of potential dangers of kratom0

    CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Whether it’s a wonder supplement or a dangerous drug, the controversy continues to swirl around the substance known as kratom.

    The Centers for Disease Control has linked kratom to more than 150 deaths but kratom supporters swear by it. They say it helps them when nothing else would.

    People who use kratom say it helps them with stress, anxiety and opioid withdrawal. But doctors, including the head of the emergency department at Chesapeake Regional Medical Center, say they don’t know what they’re getting.

    “The research really hasn’t supported (users’ claims), and I think we have a lot to learn,” said Dr.… Continue reading.

  • Raid destroys 800 plants on kratom farm

    Raid destroys 800 plants on kratom farm0

    Authorities destroy kratom plants during a crackdown in Kapong district of Phangnga on Wednesday. (Photo by Achadtaya Chuenniran)

    PHANGNGA: Authorities destroyed about 800 kratom (Mitragyna speciose) plants allegedly grown by the son of a local politician on more than five rai of land in Kapong district on Wednesday.

    Governor Siripat Patakul was tipped off about the kratom plants and ordered a combined force of naval personnel and police to raid the farm located on a mountainside in tambon Moh.

    The team found about 800 kratom plants aged about five years old with trunks measuring about 13 centimetres wide. The krathom was farmed in five plots totalling five rai.… Continue reading.

  • Kratom: It’s legal in Michigan and people are using it to get high. Here’s what to know

    Kratom: It’s legal in Michigan and people are using it to get high. Here’s what to know0

    Users hail kratom — which is sold at gas stations, smoke shops and online —as a miracle cure for pain, fatigue, anxiety and even opioid addiction.

    But many doctors say kratom (pronounced KRAY-tum or KRAH-tum) is dangerous because it works like an opioid, can make users high and can also be habit-forming. Plus, experts say, there’s no real scientific proof it can cure anything.

    The federal government agrees. In May, a federal judge sentenced a Royal Oak man to two years in prison for illegally importing kratom — he claimed it was incense — and selling it as a medical treatment.… Continue reading.

  • FDA Issues Warning to Companies Selling Kratom Products

    FDA Issues Warning to Companies Selling Kratom Products0

    The botanical substance kratom has been touted as a painkiller and a cure for opioid dependence by some head shops and dietary supplement dealers. But amid growing concerns about the risks associated with ingesting this supplement, the government has stepped in to stop the false advertising.

    On June 25, 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent warning letters to two marketers and distributors of kratom — Cali Botanicals and Kratom NC — for illegally selling kratom-containing products with unproven claims about their potential to treat or cure opioid addiction and help people overcome withdrawal symptoms. The companies also claim that these products treat chronic pain, depression, anxiety, cancer, and other medical conditions.… Continue reading.

  • FDA Warns Companies Against Selling Kratom For Opioid Addiction

    FDA Warns Companies Against Selling Kratom For Opioid Addiction0

    It may seem completely illogical that a particular herbal supplement with proven opioid compounds according to research by the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) in 2018 should be used to counter the very addiction it may also trigger. This thought process does not align with two companies that are promoting tall claims on the use of kratom, a substance from a tree of the same name typically found in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. The substance is apparently being marketed as a product that could be used to treat opioid addiction-related withdrawal symptoms. 

    The two companies indulging in the questionable promotion are Cali Botanicals, which is located in Folsom, California, and Kratom NC in Wilmington, North Carolina.… Continue reading.