• Miracle plant or dangerous drug? Kratom comes to Buffalo

    Miracle plant or dangerous drug? Kratom comes to Buffalo0

    Move over, CBD, there’s a new leaf in town – and this one is more controversial.

    Buffalo just got its first retail store dedicated to the sale of kratom – a Southeast Asian plant that has been used for centuries as a painkiller, mood lifter and energy booster.

    American consumers are increasingly using kratom for those same purported benefits, and it is rising in popularity as an alternative to addictive opiates, as well as a means to wean people away from opiate addictions without using synthetic substitutes such as methadone or suboxone.

    Gabrielle Callea, a bank compliance officer from the Town of Tonawanda, has been using kratom for seven years to help with what she said was once “crippling” anxiety and depression.… Continue reading.

  • Drug Kratom Getting a Closer Look by Clearwater Officials

    Drug Kratom Getting a Closer Look by Clearwater Officials0

    CLEARWATER, Fla. — The City of Clearwater is the latest government agency to consider banning the popular drug Kratom.

    Parents spoke up at a council meeting this month and shared horror stories about the drug as it relates to their children.

    A Bay area doctor, however, says the drug has a lot of benefits and should be researched before an all-out ban in the city.

    City Council members heard in the meeting from the parents of a teen who used the drug. Mary Tabar says the popular drug was marketed to her daughter when she was just 15 years old.

    “We’ve spent thousands of dollars on neurologists, psychologists, trying to see if we can help her brain,” Tabar said.… Continue reading.

  • Could a kratom ban be coming to Clearwater?

    Could a kratom ban be coming to Clearwater?0

    CLEARWATER, Fla. — The debate over kratom continues. Now Clearwater leaders are researching to see if they should ban it.

    The kratom tree comes from Southeast Asia. It’s been at the center of controversy for years. But that hasn’t stopped those who like kratom from using it.

    Shane Cox Sr. owns The Garden of Tea in Clearwater. He sells CBD and Kratom. A lot of his customers come for kratom.

    “It’s helping a lot of people,” Cox said. “It’s saving a lot of people’s lives.”

    On the other side of that argument, some parents say Kratom has had negative effects on their kids, even killing some.

    Continue reading.
  • Man found with 405 pounds of kratom in his possession in Baldwin County, deputies say

    Man found with 405 pounds of kratom in his possession in Baldwin County, deputies say0

    A man was arrested and charged in Baldwin County with drug trafficking after being stopped on I-10 with hundreds of pounds of kratom in his possession.

    The Baldwin County Sherrif’s Office says that deputies and Special Operations Units stopped a white cargo van for a traffic violation at the 47 mm eastbound on I-10. The cargo van was being driven by Noor H. Youref, 24 of Pensacola, Florida. During the stop, deputies developed probable cause and searched the vehicle.

    Deputies found approximately 405 pounds of suspected kratom in various forms. Yourself was arrested for drug trafficking and transported to the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Center.… Continue reading.

  • Parker businesses banned from selling kratom

    Parker businesses banned from selling kratom0

    PARKER, Colo. — Businesses in Parker can no longer sell kratom products after the town council recently passed an ordinance banning the herbal drug.

    Kratom comes from a tree that grows Thailand, Malasia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Its leaves have traditionally been used as medicine, and users say kratom is not addictive and helps with a variety of issues, from back pain to opioid addiction.

    But the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned that it may be addictive. Several coroners in Colorado have linked several deaths to kratom overdoses.

    RELATED | Colorado coroners link kratom to at least 23 deaths since 2016

    Businesses who violate the order can be fined up to $500 per violation.… Continue reading.

  • What Is Kratom? Opioid Alternative Under Fire From The FDA

    What Is Kratom? Opioid Alternative Under Fire From The FDA0

    An increasingly large number of Americans are turning to the supplement known at kratom to treat their pain despite warnings from the FDA.

    The American Kratom Association claims that there are potentially 15 million users in the nation. Those that have used kratom – to treat things like opioid-addiction, alcoholism, and chronic pain – swear by it as a life-saving substance.

    But what exactly is this supposed miracle supplement?

    Kratom is made from the leaves of Mitragyna speciose tree, which is found in Southeast Asia. Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand have used it since the 19th century, either chewing it or brewing into a tea.… Continue reading.