• Cops seize huge ‘kratom cocktail’ haul

    Cops seize huge ‘kratom cocktail’ haul0

    Dong Kaewsantia (left) is arrested and a house search in Hat Yai district in Songkhal finds about 250 kilogrammes of kratom leaves and 800 bottles of cough syrup. (Photo by Assawin Pakkawa)

    SONGKHLA: About 250kg of kratom leaves and 800 bottles of cough syrup worth altogether almost 200,000 baht were seized at a warehouse in Hat Yai district on Wednesday.

    The leaves and the syrup bottles were found hidden under a large sheet at the warehouse in tambon Khlong Hae. The authorities believed the syrup was to be mixed with the leaves to brew an addictive cocktail drink.

    The value of the leaves and the syrup was estimated at 190,000 baht, according to local police. 

    Police said the raid on the warehouse followed the arrest of Dong Kaewsantia, 46, who was stopped at a roadside checkpoint as he was driving a pick-up truck carrying kratom leaves. 

    The leaves were ordered from a supplier in Sadao district on the Thai-Malaysian border.… Continue reading.

  • Citizens of Thailand May Soon Be Allowed To Grow Their Own Cannabis

    Citizens of Thailand May Soon Be Allowed To Grow Their Own Cannabis0

    Thailand’s Bhumjaithai Party has announced that it will be proposing a bill that will allow the country’s households to grow up to six cannabis plants. Thailand has a long tradition of using cannabis and the kratom plant for wellness purposes. It was the first Southeastern Asian country to regulate medicinal cannabis in 2018, when a law was passed unanimously in favor of the policy change.

    “The principle is for medical use,” said Bhumjaithai Party official Supachai Jaisamut. “You can have it at home for ailments, but not smoke it on the street.” Jaisamut estimated that the law could come to a vote in the next six months.… Continue reading.

  • Point Pleasant Beach Looks To Ban ‘Kratom’

    Point Pleasant Beach Looks To Ban ‘Kratom’0

    The Point Pleasant Beach Council is looking to ban a substance that it says is a potential threat to public health and has the potential for abuse.

    The council says it is looking to prohibit the sale of kratom, which is used as a recreational drug and as medicine.

    The council plans to introduce the ordinance at its Tuesday meeting and then vote to approve on Oct. 1.

    The ordiance comes just as police have been cracking on the sale of vaping products at a smoke shop in Point Pleasant Beach, police said. This was the second time in a matter of months that the store was allegedly caught.… Continue reading.