• Field Medic is out of hiding

    Field Medic is out of hiding0

    Now he’s back on track. “It was like an exorcism of sorts,” he recalls, “and now I’ve been freed of the demon that once had hold of me.” Field Medic, now resurrected, is releasing Floral Prince, an album of both released singles and previously leaked songs. It opens with the beloved “-h-o-u-s-e-k-e-y-z-,” which came out earlier this year, and it ends with the sprawling “TRANQUILIZED,” heard by a couple thousand fans on YouTube.

    He leaked songs on YouTube for a while if his friends told him: “This is pretty emo, but this isn’t a ‘hit.’” These were his stripped-down folk songs where the centerpiece is his lyricism—what Sullivan cares most about.… Continue reading.

  • ‘Herbal’ drug hospitalizes one, lands another in jail, Portage police say

    ‘Herbal’ drug hospitalizes one, lands another in jail, Portage police say0

    Ryan Cano

    Ryan Cano

    PORTAGE — A female found partially naked outside and then later foaming at the mouth was taken to the hospital and a man was taken to jail after allegedly consuming an herbal drug the man wrongly assumed was legal, according to Portage police.

    Ryan Cano, 31, of Portage, reportedly told police the drug was known as Kratom.

    “It’s an herb,” he reportedly told police. “It’s legal. It’s got a bar code, and I have a receipt.”

    Cano, who was taken into custody and faces felony counts of manufacturing/dealing a controlled substance and maintaining a common nuisance, and a misdemeanor count of possessing a controlled substance, showed officers several clear baggies containing a green powder substance, according to the incident report.

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  • Sioux Falls death ruled kratom overdose

    Sioux Falls death ruled kratom overdose0

    According to the CDC, kratom was found as a cause of death in 91 drug overdoses across 11 states between July 2016 and December 2017. That’s the most recent data available.

    Kratom is often spiked or used with opioids. However, according to the CDC, kratom was the only substance found in seven of those 91 deaths.

    The South Dakota Department of Health tells KELOLAND Investigates that kratom was the cause of three deaths so far in 2020, up from just one in 2019.

    Tonight as our investigation into the kratom controversy continues, we hear from the family of a young man who died in July after using kratom.… Continue reading.

  • Preview: The kratom controversy

    Preview: The kratom controversy0

    The sale of kratom is really taking off in South Dakota, but if you still aren’t familiar with it, you no doubt will be soon. Millions of people take the substance derived from the leaves of a plant from Southeast Asia, either in capsule or tea form for a variety of health reasons.

    Proponents have a powerful lobby behind them; so powerful that when the DEA wanted to make kratom a schedule one drug, public outrage made the government agency change its mind.

    A sign of the time: kratom sales are skyrocketing in the U.S.

    While some states and cities still banned it, over concerns of it being addictive, misused and even deadly, South Dakota is not among them.… Continue reading.

  • First@4: COVID-19 record numbers; Kratom Controversy; Fraudulent unemployment claims

    First@4: COVID-19 record numbers; Kratom Controversy; Fraudulent unemployment claims0

    SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Here’s a look at the day’s top stories as of 4 p.m. on Wednesday.

    It’s another record day for COVID-19 cases in South Dakota. Active COVID-19 cases in South Dakota are at 3,108, according to the South Dakota Department of Health’s daily update.

    A record 192 people are hospitalized with the virus. The state did not report any more deaths connected to COVID-19.

    To find the latest COVID-19 numbers and stories, visit the coronavirus page on KELOLAND.com

    You may have noticed signs around town in front of strip malls advertising something called Kratom. Not everyone is familiar with it, but the substance from the leaf of a Southeast Asian plant is growing in popularity– so much so it’s now more than a billion dollar business.… Continue reading.

  • ABC 12 Investigation: ‘Kratom Kraze’

    ABC 12 Investigation: ‘Kratom Kraze’0

    FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) – (9/19/2020) – (9/18/2020) – Kratom is a controversial product with a popular following.

    While some say it has the power to heal, others believe it has the potential to be downright dangerous.

    It’s a popular plant that’s native to Thailand and partsd of Southeast Asia. In the United States, Kratom is billed as an herbal supplement. Some use it to help with pain, and others use it to treat opioid addiction and withdrawal.

    Getting kratom is legal and easy to get just by logging online or visiting your local smoke shop.

    Bryan Pelkey owns 2 Steps Higher Head Shop and Mundy Township, and has been selling kratom for a decade.… Continue reading.