Buy Kratom Powder Online – Best Kratom Tea For Sale

Buy Kratom Powder Online – Best Kratom Tea For Sale

SM Soft Kratom powder has been in use in Indonesia and surrounding nations for hundreds of years. It has been used to treat chronic pain and mental health problems. Premium Quality Lab Tested Kratom …

International City, Dubai, UAE, June 17 2020 (Wiredrelease) SM Soft Kratom powder has been in use in Indonesia and surrounding nations for hundreds of years. It has been used to treat chronic pain and mental health problems.

Over the past decades, it has slowly gained its way into the western world. Distributors like The Golden Monk have played a great part in this. They distribute lab and third party tested Kratom that meets the highest standards.

TGM is also affiliated to the American Kratom Association (AKA). AKA is a body dedicated to upholding the highest standards in the Kratom industry.

There are some reservations within the medical and other regulatory bodies about Kratom. Results on the ground speak volumes though. Many have turned to Kratom and found relief. This is after failing with other medications and therapies.

Kratom use has grown in leaps and bounds and by the looks of it, is here to stay. Lets take a deeper look at why Kratom has become so popular.

What is Kratom Used For?

Kratom has many uses. It is a potent pain killer which is used by people who suffer from chronic pain. Many people have resorted to it after failing with traditional medications.

Having tried Kratom, they have reported exceptional results. It is used to aid with mental alertness and clarity. People suffering from depression and anxiety have experienced excellent results from using Kratom.

Kratom powder can also be consumed as a paste when mixed with water, as a tea or mixed in a smoothie. Some people also prefer to put it in their food. It has a bitter taste so mixing it with other foods or liquids helps a great deal.

When taken in small quantities, Kratom will give you high levels of mental clarity. It has the effect of giving you alertness. Medium dosages will produce euphoria while high dosages have a sedative effect.

Kratom comes from the Mitragyna Speciosa plant grown in South East Asia. It is mostly in Indonesia. The leaves of this tree are ground into a powder and consumed in that form or as a capsule.

There are 3 veins of Kratom. These are white, green and red vein Kratom. The names come from the colour of the veins and stems. The colour of the veins and stem give a sign of the stage of maturity the leaf had reached at the time of harvest.

The stages at which the leaves are harvested will determine the potency of the Kratom. They also determine the effects they will have when ground into a powder.

How Kratom Powder is Produced

When the leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa plant are harvested, they undergo a special drying process. The drying process is kept a closely guarded secret especially in the case of Maeng Da Kratom.

This drying process plays a big part in the quality of the Kratom that is produced. Other factors which determine the quality of the Kratom produced include the soil in that region and the farming process used.

Due to these factors, not all Kratom powders are equal. The qualities will differ. This is the case when Maeng Da Kratom is produced. There is only one plantation in the World that produces high grade Kratom found in Indonesia.

TGM sources their Kratom from this plantation.

Other countries outside of Indonesia have started producing Kratom as well. They, however, have low-quality levels and lack of controls. When Kratom is grown in Indonesia, they follow ancient farming processes which do not use pesticides.

Producers outside Indonesia use pesticides. These are responsible for distributing Kratom which has high levels of mercury in it. When you buy powdered Kratom, you need to make sure that you are buying brands that come from trusted sources.

The American Kratom Association makes sure that its members adhere to the highest standards. They will not give their seal of approval if a member fails to live up to these standards.

Lets look at the different veins of Kratom powder and how they affect you.

Types of Kratom

There are 3 main veins of Kratom powder available on the market today. Each of these has different qualities and suited for different needs.

Red Vein Kratom Powder

As already stated, Red vein Kratom comes from fully matured Kratom leaves. The leaves are dried then the stems and veins of the leaves removed. The leaves are then ground into a powder. This powder is then sold as is or in capsule form.

Red vein Kratom is the most popular Kratom on the market. It is considered the best form of Kratom for those starting out.

Like all Kratom veins, red vein Kratom powder has excellent pain relief qualities. It gives the consumer a deep relaxed feeling. When taken in moderate quantities, it can induce euphoria. The amounts that induce this effect vary depending on the person taking it.

Regular Kratom users may have a higher resistance to it and need greater quantities to achieve this effect. This euphoric state is similar to what you get with hard drugs but without the associated side effects.

This quality along with pain relief of red Kratom powder is one of the reasons that it is so effective in helping people get off drug addictions. It gives you a similar kick while it helps you wean off the hard drugs by significantly numbing down any withdrawal symptoms.

Red Kratom powder is great for people who suffer from insomnia due to its relaxing qualities. When taken in large doses, it has a sedating effect.

As far as dosage goes, you need to treat batches from different vendors or brands uniquely. This is due to the fact that how and where Kratom is grown has a huge impact on effect. A brand of red Kratom powder grown on a plantation in one part of Indonesia will be of a different quality than another grown elsewhere.

Due to that, the doses you need to get a certain effect will differ between brands. Always start off low and work your way up when trying new brands of Kratom. You will get the right dosages after a few tries.

As a closing note on red Kratom powder, you want to stay away from it if you are going to be working or operating machinery. When you take it in large quantities, it is common to suddenly fall asleep.

Green Vein Kratom Powder

Green Kratom powder has a very bitter taste to it and best followed up with water or fruit juice. Some prefer to mix it with lemonade or orange juice to make it more palatable. Green Kratom powder has an energy boosting effect.

It also makes you sociable. People who take it will experience a desire to be more talkative. It removes social inhibitions. For this reason, a number of people use it for social purposes and will take it before a night out on the town.

Green Kratom also has great pain relief qualities like other veins of Kratom. Over and above these benefits, green Kratom powder gives you euphoria. This euphoria will give you a mood boost that will help you become that extra bit more creative and productive.

It is great if you need an energy boost and mental clarity. A lot of people will take green Kratom just before a hectic day for energy and mental alertness.

White Vein Kratom Powder

White vein Kratom powder is mostly associated with energy boosts that the other strains. If you want something that will pick you up, put you in a good mood as well as give you mental clarity, this is it.

Many users replace their morning coffee with a white Kratom fix. If you lead a busy life, this is the Kratom vein you will want to take. It is advisable not to take this vein late in the day as it will mess up your sleep.

Over and above these energy boosting effects, you will also get the other associated benefit of Kratom powder which is pain relief.

People with chronic back or other pains use this to help them have a productive day. If you are involved in creative work which requires great mental flexibility, youll love this. The euphoric state that results from taking this vein of Kratom gives you that go getter drive.

How to Take Kratom Powder

When you take Kratom as a powder, you will need to have a scale available. This is to make sure that you take the right dosages for the effect you intend. This is inconvenient for some people which is why they prefer capsules.

There are different ways that you can take Kratom powder. It isnt the best tasting thing out there so you may need to mix it with something.

You can take it as a paste by mixing it with some water. Warm water works best for this purpose as the Kratom dissolves easier this way. You need to cover your nose and swallow the mixture down. Its a good idea to have something sweet to follow it up with.

Take note that you may find yourself wanting to throw up if you take it this way. This happens to some people which is another reason they prefer to take capsules.

Others prefer to take their Kratom in their food. It has to be noted that taking this route may mean compromised effects. This is because the Kratom will be competing with the food and wont be absorbed into your system as quickly.

Others will mix their Kratom into a smoothie or fruit juice. As already stated in this article, its best to take your Kratom on an empty stomach. Mixing your Kratom with fruit juice an taking it on an empty stomach is a good way to take it.

It will not interfere in the absorption of the Kratom into the blood stream in the same way that mixing Kratom into your food will.

There are other very innovative ways of taking your Kratom like in a chocolate milk shake. Chocolate milk, for some reason, seems to go very well with Kratom. One person went as far as brewing Kratom beer which he called Kratonium.

A simple Google search for Kratom recipes will bring up many results of ways you can take Kratom.

Another popular way of taking Kratom is brewing it into a tea then drinking it. When you choose this method, it is important to allow the liquid to reduce to a small amount.

The reason to do this is because Kratom is very bitter and you dont want to have a full cup of it. Adding honey or sugar to the tea is a good way of making the taste a whole lot better.

Kratom Powder vs. Capsules

Powder or capsules; which form of Kratom is better? Lets look into this a little. Kratom powder is cheaper especially when bought in bulk. It also gives you a number of ways of ingesting it as already shared in previous paragraphs.

Powdered Kratom does require that you measure it every time you use it meaning that you need a scale. This can be a tedious process and a major reason why some people end up resorting to pills.

Pills are also a lot more convenient because you can carry them with you anywhere. They are also a lot more discreet than taking powder in public. Some people experience nausea when they take the powder and pills are a great alternative.

Even though you may need to measure your dose each time, Kratom powder allows you the flexibility to measure exact amounts. Kratom capsules do come in different sizes but it is unusual for someone to buy different size capsules at the same time for exact measurements.

When you get experienced with measuring and using Kratom, you will be able to measure using other means like a teaspoon for example.

Buying Kratom Powder

When buying Kratom powder, you need to make sure that you purchase from regulated vendors and manufacturers like The Golden Monk. Vendors who are affiliated to the American Kratom Association (AKA) are held to the highest standards.

They buy from trusted producers in Asia who also adhere to strict standards in the production of the Kratom. This, in turn, means that you get high and consistent quality. There are many accounts of contaminated Kratom being sold on the market.

Some samples were tested and found to contain salmonella and dangerous levels of mercury. Regulated producers do not use pesticides and make sure that their Kratom is grown and dried at the highest standards.

Over and above that, their Kratom is tested by their own and third-party labs. This ensures that the Kratom meets the expected standards.

Unregulated brands may be cheaper but you wont receive the full benefits of Kratom. This is because the quality levels will not be consistent. How and where Kratom is grown has an impact on the final quality of the product.

Issues like the climate, altitude and soil it is grown in all play a part. The particular farming methods also play a part. Indonesian farmers have perfected the growing process of Kratom over generations. Their drying processes also contribute to the overall quality of the end product.


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