• Kratom Near Me: Buyer’s Guide 2020

    Kratom Near Me: Buyer’s Guide 20200

    Kratom, also called by its plant species name Mitragyna Speciosa, is a unique tropical evergreen whose origin traces back hundreds of years to Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand). Although this plant species belong to the same lineage as coffee plants, Kratom has historically been used in alternative medicine for its healing properties (e.g., pain relief and energy). Today, it is commonly used to manage chronic pain and for recreational purposes.

    This mysterious plant species is a scarce commodity on a global scale and can be quite challenging to obtain. Unlike popular products with similar effects such as THC and CBD containing substances, kratom has many legal restrictions on importing and manufacturing and has not seen increasing legality or market growth on a global scale.… Continue reading.

  • Kratom – A natural way to end dependence on opiates

    Kratom – A natural way to end dependence on opiates0

    Kratom is an herbal substance found in tropical regions of Southeast Asia in particular regions of Thailand and Bali, which was widely used as a medicinal component.

    The substance has been used for medicinal purposes and historically there have been various different characteristics attributed to him is the fact that it is a nerve agent that soothes patients with various types of pain in the service so as a natural painkiller, a natural way to end dependence on opiates through its use because it potentially complete for opium without wearing disadvantages.… Continue reading.

  • APRU Announces second shipment of Element C to the Upper Midwest

    APRU Announces second shipment of Element C to the Upper Midwest0

    TITUSVILLE, Fla., June 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Apple Rush Company, Inc. (OTC:APRU) (the “company”), a beverage maker, manufacturer of unique consumer brands and CBD and Kratom products and drinks, announced today that it has delivered the second order of Element C, CBD infused beverages to North Dakota.

    Apple Rush Company, Inc has delivered four additional pallets to our distributor in North Dakota.  This shipment was delivered Friday and deliveries to retailers will begin today. “It is exciting to see that progress has been made with Element C.  It has been well received and we are excited that it will be available in retailers now.  Our Midwest investors group has been very proactive in developing their market and we believe their success will create a model for distribution in more populous states.  CBD infused beverages are not created equal and we believe Element C is going to be a leader in the market.  Our proprietary formulations were developed in-house and we will continue to create and market cutting edge products that consumers want.  The group has secured the services of Ronnda Shields, owner of Product Placement Unlimited to lead the initial rollout throughout North Dakota,” said Tony Torgerud, CEO of Apple Rush Company, Inc.  Clint A.… Continue reading.

  • Many Benefits Revealed About Red Bali Kratom Powder as a Health Supplement

    Many Benefits Revealed About Red Bali Kratom Powder as a Health Supplement0

    American Fork, Utah, United States, June 22 2020 (Wiredrelease) Tork Media LLC — Las Vegas, June 20, 2020 — Premium bulk kratom supplier The Golden Monk now offers red bali kratom powder in its lineup of top-notch kratom products.

    The Golden Monk is a premium bulk kratom supplier based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The company sells kratom in both powder and capsules.

    Kratom is a tropical tree that’s native to South Asia. Kratom leaves (or extract from its leaves) are used in alternative medicine for chronic pain, muscle aches, fatigue, high blood pressure, opioid addiction and withdrawal, diarrhea and post-traumatic stress disorder.… Continue reading.

  • State legislators seek kratom meeting with FDA commissioner

    State legislators seek kratom meeting with FDA commissioner0

    Four lawmakers from Arizona, Georgia, Utah and Nevada who sponsored kratom legislation in their states have requested a meeting with the top official of FDA—an agency that has long raised concerns about the safety of the botanical from Southeast Asia.

    Positions held by FDA related to kratom and another botanical ingredient—CBD—were adopted long before Dr. Stephen Hahn was appointed commissioner, the lawmakers wrote to Hahn in a June 8 letter.

    “The realities of the marketplace where kratom is and will continue to be used by the American public requires us to act reasonably and responsibly,” wrote Arizona Rep. Tony Rivero (R-Peoria), Georgia Rep.… Continue reading.

  • 7 Kratom Extract Tips New Users Should Know in 2020

    7 Kratom Extract Tips New Users Should Know in 20200

    Img source: freepik.com

    Kratom comes from the same family of plants as coffee. It grows in Southeast Asia, where it has been known for hundreds of years for all its positive effects. In fact, Mitragyna Speciosa has the particularity of producing both energizing and relaxing effects.

    But that’s not all. Truth be told, the list of its beneficial effects is so long that it sounds almost impossible. Today we will tell you what you need to know about it if you are just starting to consume it.

    1. Benefits

    • Improved wakefulness and focus
    • It is used as a pre-workout because it has a positive effect on endurance
    • Helps problems with anxiety and depression
    • Feeling of well-being, joy, optimism – Euphoria
    • Improved quality of sleep – Sedation at high doses
    • Decreased appetite
    • Natural treatment of pain
    • Antidiarrheal
    • Aphrodisiac
    • Helps with problems with premature ejaculation
    • Withdrawal from opiate dependence
    • The decrease in blood pressure
    • Antioxidant – Stimulates the immune system
    Img source: freepik.com

    In short: a significant improvement in the quality of life.… Continue reading.