• East Texas businesses collecting items for senior citizens

    East Texas businesses collecting items for senior citizens0

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    Express Transportation, a company that transports senior citizens to and from places like the doctor’s office, is working with businesses in East Texas to collect essential items senior citizens might not be able to find at the store.

    David Shelton owns Kratom King in Tyler and Longview. He is one of the business owners partnering with Express Transportation.

    “As you see in the stores lately, the essentials are bare, if not gone,” Shelton said. “So we wanted to have a way that people could help bring their products up there and us get that out to the elderly across East Texas.”

    Shelton says he is involved in this program because he simply wants to help people in need.… Continue reading.

  • Enter Kratom: The Other Psychotropic Plant for Depression and Anxiety

    Enter Kratom: The Other Psychotropic Plant for Depression and Anxiety0

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    Found in smoke shops and some corners of the internet, this leafy natural remedy is growing in popularity to self-treat a host of conditions.

    Kratom is a tropical tree native to South Asia. Its leaves or extract from its leaves are harvested and made into a variety of forms (think tablets or drinkable doses) to help with chronic pain, opioid dependence and withdrawal, and — since you’re here — symptoms of depression or anxiety.

    Although some evidence exists about kratom’s effectiveness, there’s also plenty out there about the dark side of this natural remedy.

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  • CBD oil, vape shops chafe at being deemed ‘not essential’ in Dallas County

    CBD oil, vape shops chafe at being deemed ‘not essential’ in Dallas County0

    A tweet by Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins caught the owners of CBD oil and vape shops off guard Wednesday.

    “Vape shops and sellers of CBD oil are not essential businesses,” Jenkins wrote.

    The shops were declared nonessential because their products can be purchased online, county spokeswoman Lauren Trimble said.

    Many CBD oil and vape shops were deciding what to do next. Some were unaware of Jenkins’ declaration and still offered curbside service Wednesday morning. Others had closed their shops and were only selling online.… Continue reading.

  • Tips to buy kratom during coronavirus outbreak

    Tips to buy kratom during coronavirus outbreak0

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    The coronavirus outbreak is temporarily changing our lives. Drastic measures are being taken to slow down the spread of the rapidly spreading deadly virus. So, if you are starting to experience changes in your life, you may already be making adjustments to the new lifestyle, such as the way you shop for essentials.… Continue reading.

  • Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Kratom

    Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Kratom0

    Alternative medicine and herbal medicine have been quite a rage lately. The deteriorating standards of general healthcare facilities, and immunity to bacteria has convinced people to consider using none conventional medicines. Kratom is one of the popular herb that is derived out of Kratom leaves. These leaves grow in Far Eastern countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, and as said to have significant medicinal properties. Producers such as Kratom Craze are now making Kratom products available for commercial sale.

    Her are a few reasons why Kratom products are beneficial for you.

    Pain Management

    If you have chronic pain issues, stress pains, arthritis, or pain as a side effect of any medical or surgical procedure, Kratom is a blessing in disguise for you.

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  • Some Benefits Of Kratom Powder

    Some Benefits Of Kratom Powder0

    Kratom has been around for medical use since the nineteenth century. The tree is native to South-Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea has bestowed its immense health benefits on humans. This article shines a light on the impressive health benefits of Kratom powder, made from the tree’s leaves. Continue reading to learn more.

    Kratom as a stimulant

    Stimulation boosts our body’s energy, and with making us quicker, it also increases the ability to work tirelessly. One can feel rejuvenated with doses of the Kratom powder.

    Kratom can make one feel energized and motivated, thus ending lethargy.

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